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Calibration Clinic

Calibration expert Dennis R. Gardisser was at Kinniburgh Spray Service teaching a few new students how to pattern test and calibrate aircraft's. With this new training we will be certified to offer calibration services to the agricultural aviation industry such as:

Spray Pattern Testing Special flight line equipment is used to collect a sample of the spray pattern. This collection is usually deposited on a string. Dye added to the spray tank makes this pattern visible to a device called a fluorometer, which measures the amount of dye on the string. Special computer software uses the data from the fluorometer to determine the spray pattern characteristics. Results include a diagram of the spray pattern uniformity, the optimal effective swath width for both race track and back and forth flight paths, and a numerical calculation of pattern uniformity—based on ASAE Standard S386.2 Aug 04. Droplet size testing Water sensitive or Kromecote™ cards are used to sample the spray droplets across the spray pattern. Droplet Scan software is used to analyze these cards, and calculates several valuable statistics used to describe the droplet spectrum produced by the aircraft. These statistics include volume median diameter (VMD), percentage of spray volume contained in droplets smaller than 100 and 200 microns, relative span, estimated GPA, and coverage.

Benefits Include:

1. Reduced risk of drift 2. Improved performance and application accuracy 3. Increased safety 4. Reduced environmental and health concerns 5. Uniform spray pattern 6. Optimal swath determined 7. Correct droplet size 8. Ability to test new equipment for accuracy 9. Solve equipment problems before season starts 10. Demonstration of professionalism to your customers

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