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What we look for in a new Ag Pilot hire:                                               

  • Tail Wheel time is a must                                                                      

  • Alberta Aerial Applicators Pesticide License                                      

  • An Ag Flight training course                                                                  

  • 2500 hrs Total Time                                                                                  

  • Alberta Aerial Applicators Membership                                             

  • A background in pesticide use is preferred

  • Crop knowledge

What we look for in a new Ground Crew hire:

  • Competent at performing manual labour tasks

  • Enjoy working in a team environment

  • Proven verbal communication skills

  • Excellent attention to detail and basic math skills

  • Work in fast paced environment

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Valid Class 5 Drivers License

We are always accepting applications. Submit yours using the form below.


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